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Three Types of Bilingualism

Winston Churchill: The War Speeches

This book examines Sir Winston Churchill's War Speeches from the linguistic point of view.

( Maria Rosaria D'Acierno )

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This research is mainly supported by the theories of some authors influencing the different fields within this essay: 1) the theoretical linguistic field related to “special languages”, in particular that related to politics, takes into account the works of Cecioni; 2) the grammatical-syntactical field, related to the ‘noun phrase’, is based on Quirk’s and Leech’s theory, while 3) the anthropological area, related to transformation draws on the theory of the ‘Scuola Sperimentale Antropologico-rasformazionale’, founded by S. Piro. In this book it is examined the power of words, in brief the importance of formulate a well constructed piece of language from both the writtenand the oral side. It is stressed the role of intonation and gestures to enrich meaning.