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Competence or Performance?Discourse Analysis and Poetry

Contrastive analysis: Arabic, Italian, English

This book wants to emphasize translation theory.

( Maria Rosaria D'Acierno )

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This book is intended to show how a passage from a source language can be manipulated when translating into more than one language. The passages chosen are in Arabic and have been translated into Italian and English. The first part of the book is about the theory concerning translation and how translation has evolved during the centuries. It might be used by students of Arabic since each passage contains not only the translation but also a guide to develop Arabic through a series of exercises, a list of words and a section dedecated to contrastive analysis. The book emphasizes the notion of Language for Specific Purposes in particular the language of philosophy and the language of media. Students can use it to practice translation from Arabic and to have a general idea about Arabic linguistics.