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Sport in English

Sport in English is for the students of English at Facoltà of Scienze Motorie. It describes the English grammar through examples and reading passages linked to the world of sport.

( Maria Rosaria D'Acierno )
Risparmi: €5.00

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Sport in English is divided into  five sections: 1) the first part includes two articles concerning two experiments, which want to emphasize how important is to practice physical exercises combined with music, not only to prevent damages caused by age but also to alleviate subjects suffering from anxiety. The two essays point out how to improve the standard of our life while stimulating the body and the mind. 2) The second section introduces to the problems derived by pronunciation, with a series of exercises following the International Phonetic Alphabeth (IPA). 3) Then, there is a section describing the most famous English games, and 4) a section related to the English grammar divided into units, enriched with examples and reading passages related to various topics: the physiology of the human body, the physiology of the brain, sport regulations, games descriptions, physical activities, and how to prevent elderly damages (obesity, high cholesterol, high sugar level, etc.) through a regular practice of physical exercises. 5) At last an appendix contains  two types of glossary - one related to the specific language of sport and the other to the language of medicine. It lasts with an exhaustive bibliography to stimulate furthers readings. The whole text is enriched with coloured pictures, so emphasize the topic of each unit.