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English In The PlaygroundFrom bilingualism to multilingualism

Extreme English Extreme Sport

Questo testo vuole mettere in evidenza come il linguaggio dello sport sia altamente enfatico. Abbinando la riflessione grammaticale della lingua inglese a nozioni sullo sport e sul corpo umano vuole fornire agli studenti della Facoltà di Scienze Motorie..

Extreme English Extreme Sport
( Maria Rosaria D'Acierno )

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Extreme English … Extreme Sport - English and Sport stresses the link between English and Sport. The introduction points out how the combination of music and sport stimulates the brain cells harmonizing emotional and physiological issues. It focuses on the language of sport through a series of reading passages chosen in order to balance the English language (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation) with notions related to sport and wellness. Sport and English are important aspects of our life; sport strengthening our body as well as our mind, English increasing international communication. The passages assembled in this book, while stressing grammar and vocabulary, tend also to give students practical notions about some sports in particular (e.g. football, tennis, rugby, etc.) as well as information about sports regulations, about the human body, about food, etc. Some passages (interviews and news reports) are taken from newspapers, thus giving examples of both oral and written registers. This text is rich in exercises and provides a selection of special words for each unit. At the end there is also a glossary related to the topic of sports and medicine. Students at the Facoltà di Scienze Motorie, need to know very well the role of physical exercise for any people, but in particular for young children (to prevent obesity) and for old people, who very often seek their help to repair physical injuries linked to age.

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