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Bilingualism and emigration
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Bilingualism and emigration

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This paper wants to focus on the difficult situation many emigrants/immigrants have to face when, for one reason or another, they leave their mother country and go to a foreign place.

Beside the many problems they need to overcome in order to survive in a totally new environment, the one concerning oral communication seems, at least at the beginning, the most relevant one. In general, people do not think about language, since it seems so natural a way of interacting that, even when they decide to go abroad, the inability to speak the language of the country they are going to, does not interfere with their decision. But, once arrived there, all the problems concerning the lack of knowledge of the foreign tongue become so massive that they influence any situation, thus disturbing the whole plan and risking people’s expectations.

Bilingualism/biculturalism is the focus on which any analysis about emigration/immigration should concentrate, because it includes all the implications linked to this state.