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Art as a social means of communication

Art as a social means of communication

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A work of art has a large range of communicative effects, since it
is valued not only by a specific group of people who are fond of and keen on
art, but also by common people, because it emphasizes something which
belongs to the whole of humanity. Art, so conceived, pursues three aims: 1)
to spread knowledge in general; 2) to refine one's taste, and 3) to concentrate
one's attention on the problems which suffocate the world. In brief it becomes
an effective and strong means of communication.
The horror of some social tragedies touch anybody anywhere, so when
asking people for help, Art might be one of the answers. The artist's strong,
but subtle appeal is as fertile as the many political and economic meetings
held by the Great World Powers: the communicative role of painting reaches
everybody everywhere, achieving impressive results even by knocking down
linguistic barriers.

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