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anxiety, physical exercise and music
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anxiety, physical exercise and music

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This essay, discussed in the international conference on Kinesiology and Exercise Sciences on June 25th-28 2012 in Athens, emphasizes the importance of physical exercise combined with music to help people suffering into anxiety.In the brain dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter to send signals to other nerve cells. It is  important to control cortisol, since higher levels of cortisol can lead to a decreased immune response. Severe anxiety disorders are often a result of imbalanced brain chemistry. Stress alters the whole chemistry of our body by disrupting it, and consequently generating negative reactions. As a consequence, cortisol becomes higher, the immune system decreases, the blood pressure increases, and so on. Physical and psychological imbalances are the first phenomena showing higher levels of cortisol due to stressing situations. In an experiment including two groups of children music linked to physical exercises helped those children to control their anxiety problems.