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Sally Mann: Linguistic analysisSport in English

Speaking English while Drinking Wine

This text wants to focus on the specific language linked to viticulture and oenology.

( Maria Rosaria D'Acierno )

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Speaking English While Drinking Wine is a systematic and general account of grammatical forms enriched with examples which try to use the special language attached to the world of wine. It describes, through a series of examples and reading passages, how to make wine, wine regulations, the countries interested in wine-market, and it also gives notions related to the most important vineyards in the world. It is enriched with a specific glossary and a bibliography for further readings. It is rich in information. Both English and wine are global items, English turning into ‘Englishes’, and wine spreading all over while using new researches and new technologies.It is a useful book for the one who wants to know about wine while learning English.